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KatieFey Collection
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My name: Katie Fey
Age: 19
Height: Always one or two inches taller than you, baby! Wink, wink!
Weight: C’mon, honey, take another look at me… really need to ask?
Hair color: Jet black, and silky, and smooth, and it smells like honey…
Eye color: A dark, misty, olive hue…
My sign: Scorpio… very sexy, very deadly, but you’re safe! Lol!
Favorite color: Black
About fashion: I love high heels, or black boots… or just being barefoot, which I know you guys love! I like sophisticated and sexy outfits, with nice jewelry, specially collars, because they tickle my breasts and that feels so nice! And my belly bottom piercing, oh, I love it soooo much!
Famous relatives: My sis, Kristina Fey and our cousin, Felicity Fey (I envy the boobs on that girl, lol!)
Where do I live: Europe! I travel all over it and I love it!
What I like to do: I love dancing, surfing the net, traveling and reading.
How I am: I am really outgoing and love to have fun all the time! I am a positive person all the way around! But at heart, I am just a normal teen girl, who LOVES life and skinny dipping… oops, where did that come from?
“Sure, Kristina is hot, and Felicity has the big boobs everybody loves, but Katie, Katie is a totally different game… I’d marry her and keep her locked up in a tower or something… y’ know…” “I love her, I love her, I love her… and now she goes nude! Wow! If I had all the money to buy all her pics and be the only man to enjoy her little pussy! I would not share, really!”Damian

“I love Katie! I really do! I know they all say the same, but it’s different here! I really love her! And she loves me, she just doesn’t know it yet! We were meant to be together!”Chuck

“She is so cute! I wish I was like that! So free, so glam, and the tits! I’d love to take off her bra, and suck on those perky nipples until I can’t feel my tongue! God, I gotta go!”Jennifer

“She is soooo hot! I download her pics and take them to work! I masturbate when I’m alone in my office… once a co-worker walked in! How embarrassing! But Katie is worth all that and much more!”Jeff

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